Gardeners' Pictures

After seeing this amazing spread, it was decided that yet another table full of goodies was needed!

Gardeners chatted under the lights, as musicians set up, and all waited for the feast to begin.

Tool Heaven! Newly redone tool shed walls make it easy to find the right place for the right tool.


Fall color in the TSBVI plot

Sunny hanging out under Susan Prosperie's kale.

Jim and Jimmie moving the water station. Not pictured: Steve Schultz


Gene and Jack working on the domed climber (once we figured out how to do it).

Texas Beer Company Roadtrip, July 27th, 2017

Mermaid Rose

Our great selection of quality tools is something we should all take pride in. Looking good!

A double fruit Rhodia harvested on June 11.

My favorite from the 2017 tomato tasting: "Muddy Mamba". Sweet and full of flavor!

One of the two tables of beautiful and delicious tomatoes at the 2017 tasting.

Choosing grazing balls

Awarding Door Prizes

Ice Cream Social/Nancy Seibert Tribute May 7, 2017

Fierst ripe tomato for 2017 (April 19) - a Celebrity

Sunshine's always dependable volunteer annuals: poppies and cowpen daisies.

Sunny taking care of himself.

Work Day 12/2016

Work Day 12/2016

Charlotte - out Work Day Leaders 12/2016

Planting the Herbs

Planting the Herbs 12/2016

Planting the Herbs 12/2016

Planting the Herbs 12/2016

Planting the Herbs 12/2016

Planting the Herbs 12/2016

December 2016 - Planting the Herbs

Donation of Fall Plant Sale Proceeds to TSBVI

First Door Prize

Randy Thompson and Hannah Harrison at Dinner

SCG Holiday Party 2016

Monarch's on Margaret's Milkweed

Orange Pepper

Color pepper

decorative windsocks




Sunshine Garden, a close look








Violet flower

Sunshine Community Garden


Sigua with two flowers


Sigua with two flowers

Sigua (Luffa) and eggplant

Yellow mountain, China

Butterfly on Mexican flame vine

Mason bee hard at work

Turmeric flower. Many gardeners at SCG are growing thanks to Dave. Potted, deep shade, much water

Monarch on milkweed - they really do need it! Make sure you don't pull it up when you are weeding!

Caterpillar in the butterfly garden.

Finally, after 5 years of waiting, banana tree is blooming!

Sunny the garden cat learns how to make stepping stones during Elizabeth's presentation.

Banana pepper (5oz) & jalapeño

Compost pile archaeology: tableware from Casa de Luz; knife!; Yoda. Sift, sift not, there is no try!

Visitor on poppy!

SCG's Little Free Library

Randy's blue-eyed grass at the chimney swift tower

My first Sunshine rose, Summer Surprise.

Veronica Romanesco broccoli, winter 2015

Spring blossoms 2016

Amaryllis at the trailer, Spring 2016

Sunshine shovel birds

Sunshine shovel birds

Sunshine shovel birds

Sunshine shovel birds

Sunshine shovel birds

Sonny, the garden cat

Red Poppies, Spring 2016

Poppy, Spring 2016

Red Poppy, Spring 2016

Ladybug on an Iris, Spring 2016

Sunshine Community Gardens, Spring 2016

SCG Iris


My first tomatoes - 2016. First one picked 4/6/16. Celebrity, Homestead & Dwarf Arctic Rose.