February 17, 9 am to 12 noon

February 24, 9 am to 12 noon

SCG All-Hands Meeting

March 2, Friday, 4:45


Board Meetings

Second Wednesday of every month.

Minutes of Board Meeting

December 10, 2013 at 6:00 PM

Who: Ila, Janet, Jack, Kay, Michael

Berk and Emily not present

Where: Michael Hall's house

Called to order by Ila.

Old business:

Compost operations: Concern voiced about dwindling leaf and wood chip piles. Ila contacting Asplundh regarding their drop offs. (Addendum: since the meeting, both piles have grown.)

Rabbit proofing: wire around bottom of tool shed. The rabbit population seems to have gone down. The plan is for Jay Willmann to buy the wire and then give notice of when volunteers can meet to get this work done.

Pay pal: Jack has the technical end set up but has not started the process to make it available on our web page and available as a means to accept donations via our web page. Jack will contact Sharon with the plan that Michael and Sharon work out ideas to get this on the web page.

Audit: Jack reports that it is on schedule and that Carol Limaye thinks they have all the information they need to complete the audit.

Waterline for new plots: No volunteers YET to do this work. Need to place announcement in Weeder to appeal to members.

TSBVI sign: Done and recently put up by Robert Jarry.

New Business:

Tasks for workday: the usual plus weeding and cleaning out the greenhouses to prepare for seed planting. And offer help to Nancy in her flower plots.

TSBVI garden neighbors: Ila to talk to TSBVI member/neighbors.

Locks/gate: Reminder in Weeder to lock up if you are the only one there AND if you are the last one there.

Water shut off: Jack and Stewart have been doing it when it will be below freezing for several hours.

Plant sale: Michael to order pots/soil/trays/plant tags. Seeds ordered, received and delivered to Gabriel Valley. Almost 80 varieties of peppers and almost 140 varieties of tomatoes. 5 tomatillos and 14 eggplants. Doors to greenhouse to be replaced, Michael will take care of that.

Service hours: Jack wants a person to handle to questions about service hours error. Berk declined, Kay agreed to do it. Sharon has the website set for members to check their own hours.

Updating Quickbooks: Jack is not interested but is interested in getting a new computer. He will be shopping for one to replace the present laptop.

Next meeting scheduled for January 6, 2014, Monday, 6:00 PM location to be decided.

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