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Board Meetings

Second Wednesday of every month.

Minutes from Board Meeting, October 13, 2015

Members Present: Jeff Monks, Jim Willman, Shannon Posern, Carol Limaye, Kay McMurry, Michael Hall, Mary Gifford, Dana Kuykendall

Old Business:

  • Sharon is working on adapting the Green Binder for a tablet application. The tablet would be housed in the tool shed to help gardeners record their hours. Jeff is asking Ray to weld a housing to prevent a tablet from walking off.
  • Fall plant sale will October 1 - 3.
    • Made $2239.32 to be donated to TSBVI.
    • Jennifer did a great job managing the sale.
    • Gave 28 leftover plants to Michah 6. Gullett Elementary was given two flats of unsold plants. Kealing Middle school will pick up the rest.
  • The vacant director position will be filled by appointment soon. The board is reaching out to individual gardeners to fill the role.
  • The board previously approved adding a mower shed to separate the mowers from the regular tool shed. The spilled gas from the mowers has created a safety concern for a possible fire. We will separate the mowers from the other tools and replace the floor in the tool shed.
  • Site rules revisions are being considered. Jim is working on drafts. Possible changes being considered are changing all gardeners to annual and removing the seasonal billing for plot fees. Also, the board discussed allowing for a refund of plot fees on a pro-rata basis if the member withdraws. The board will possibly have pilot programs for site rule changes to see if they will accomplish our goals before an official change to the site rules.

New Business:

  • Mary Gifford and Dana Kuykendall addressed the board to request putting an article in the Weekly Weeder to educate gardeners about the Michah 6 program.
  • The board received a letter from an anonymous gardener requesting the board's assistance with ensuring garden boundaries, access to pathways, and enforcing the site rule about no permanent boundaries. The board is looking at surveying pathways and gardens mentioned in the letter. The board will then address any compliance issue if found.
  • The board has received a request for hardship from a gardener. The board addresses hardships on a case by case basis and will take into consideration the service hours worked before making a final decision.
  • Texas Tower PR, made up of University of Texas students studying public relations, will be working with Sunshine this fall to help us with a number of projects to help the visibility of the garden.
  • Plot Status - Kay
    • Available Plots - 1 Quarter, 1 Half, 2 Full
    • Waiting List - 5 Quarter, 2 Half, 4 Full
    • Recruiting new gardeners for the waitlist is a priority. The board is considering advertising with local churches, schools, garden clubs and KUT/KUTX to increase our waiting list.
  • Financial Report - Carol
    • We are ahead $13,000 for the year.
    • Working on the 2016 budget. We hope to adopt by the end of the year.
  • Workdays - Jim
    • October 24 - Clean accessible raised beds, greenhouses, and vacant plots.
    • Later date - Gazebo for TSVBI students.
  • Education Committee Update -Shannon
    • Shannon is looking for a new leader for the committee.
  • Spring Plant Sale - Michael
    • Looking for an apprentice to shadow Michael.
    • Looking at possible compost suppliers.
    • We want two tents for tomatoes instead of the one large tent. This will help prevent the plant damage we had due to wind this year.

Next board meeting: November 10, 2015, 6:00 pm at the trailer

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