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All gardeners Meeting 5/14/16

10:08 AM

Presiding Officer - Jeff Monks, President

Minutes Recorded by: Shannon Posern, Secretary

52 members in attendance.

Plant Sale - (Jeff Monks)

The sale was great. Thank you everyone for help. Gave away over 1800 plants away to schools. Gained a lot in community. Gave check to Nicole.

Financial Report - (Carol Limaye)

  • This year we are not focusing on making a profit. Interested in focusing on our mission as a nonprofit. Increasing tool budget. Improving deck, improving community. Plant sale is large part of our budget 10% to TSBVI.
  • Question about interest rate - money in low interest cd.

Old Business - (Jeff Monks)

  • Service Hours due at end of June. Everyone has to do TSBVI hour. Please record as soon as possible.
  • Need volunteer to check that the gate is closed and locked at night. Anyone interested in being night watchman is eligible to be regular service hours exempt. Please contact the board if interested.
  • Tools - Do not leave the garden's tools at your plot.
  • Be careful with our tools. Many have been broken recently.
  • Broad fork is available for clearing plots and paths.
  • Common Paths - If your plot extends past your boundaries into the common path, please clear the path to allow for all gardeners' ease of movement. We need to be able to get a wheel barrel through.
  • Pilot Programs - The pilot programs at the end of last season were very successful. We will hold another make up workday after the spring season deadline. The board would rather have the labor rather than your money for unworked hours.
    • Discussion from the floor - Gardener would like more service hours for mulching and clearing paths. Perhaps have more incentive to clear paths.
  • Discussion from the floor - Why are people not getting their hours done?
    • Response- The board has added Sunday work days and will be looking to add weekdays to accommodate more gardener's schedules.
    • Ila needs help cleaning around the trailer. Volunteers interested in cleaning the beds should contact her directly.
  • Upcoming projects - (Jeff Monks)
    • The board would like to add bins in front of the swift house for leaves and woodchips. This will make it easier for gardeners with accessibility issues on the north side of the garden to get those materials.
  • Recently completed projects -
    • Mower shed - Mowers have been moved to a separate shed.
    • Beds by the driveway have been cleaned up and re-bordered.
    • A new herb garden was created in front of the trailer. We are looking for perennial herbs to add. We are also in need of artists to create markers.
    • An arbor has been put up in the TSBVI garden for the for students to be able to get in the shade.
    • A butterfly garden was created in front of the trailer. The McCallum High Key Club volunteered their time to help create the new space.
    • Mason bees have been seen in in the houses around the garden. The houses were put up by girl scouts working towards gold and bronze awards earlier in the year.
    • Discussion from the floor - Thank you for the compost tea and the compost sale for gardeners.
  • Micah 6 - Reminder about the garden's contributions to the Micah 6 food bank. Looking for more help harvesting. Harvesting is once a week right now, but soon to be twice a week. Also, help is needed weeding. Gardeners going on vacation are reminded that while away, they can volunteer their crops be harvested and donated to Micah 6. Please see instructions in the Micah 6 room of the trailer.
    • Micah 6 is very important to Sunshine. Our work with them helps to fulfil our mission.
  • Introduction to Sonny the cat - If you have not seen the garden cat, Sonny hangs out around the trailer. (Meowed)

Upcoming Events -

  • Tomato tasting June 11th - Look for the official announcement in the Weeder. In addition to tomato tasting, there will be a potato and pepper show and tell.
  • Tomato canning class on June 11th hosted by the Sustainable Food Center. Contact Shannon Posern if you are interested in attending. If there is enough interest, we will look into carpooling from the garden.
  • Fall Plant sale - Contact Jennifer Woertz if you are interested in helping. We want to make this a funky fall plant sale. The date of the sale will be in middle September. Planting will start in August and utilize the TSBVI greenhouse.

General Discussion (Jeff Monks)-

  • Thank you to Ray Porter for making metal birds to decorate the gardens.
  • Board is hoping to have another compost sale for gardeners in the fall.
  • Gardener asked for a venue/space for gardeners to post announcements and trade seeds.
  • Nicole Fisher presented the garden with a plaque from TSBVI as a thank you for all our contributions to their gardens. Plaque will be on display in the trailer.

Election (Election Committee)

  • Recognize Katy and Kay. Thank you to Kay for her 4 year service.
  • Nomination committee -
    • Nominees read.
      • Ila Falvey
      • Marianne Mulrey
      • Margaret Powis
      • Susan Prosperie
      • Jennifer Woertz
    • Nancy Seibert was nominated to be added to the list of nominees.
    • Vote by accumulation to accept nomination committee with the addition of Nancy. Passed
  • Secretary -
    • Read the nominee.
      • Shannon Posern
    • Asked to for nominations from the floor for secretary. None.
  • Directors -
    • Read the nominees of the director position.
      • Bill Cason
      • Lori Dobbin
      • Randy Thompson
      • Steve Uecker
    • Asked to for nominations from the floor for director. None.
  • Ballots distributed. Results will be made available in 5 days after absentee ballots are collected.

Meeting Adjourned 11:22 am.

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