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Plot Boundry Guide

As a general rule, north-south common paths run along the faucet/hose stations. East-west common paths are laid out as needed to provide wheel barrow and faucet/hose station access. Normally, there is at least one (frequently only one) major east-west common path in each zone, and it will usually run the entire length of the garden. Common paths south of the road between compost area and chicken coop are the least well defined. To see a map of Sunshine Gardens showing major common paths, click here.

Common Path Encroachment Guide

Gardeners should consider mature plant size when planting along a common path. If crops such as okra or tomatoes are planted right along the common path, they will encroach as grow.

Almost every plot will border at least one common path. There are several ways to identify if a plot may be encroaching. A plot is probably encroaching if:

  • the plot border crosses an imaginary line drawn between two or more faucet/hose stations
  • the width of plot measuring from common path is more than 20' (10' if half plot) (measurement should include width of any non-common paths on a border shared with an adjoining plot)
  • width of common path is less than 4 feet (one/both of the plots bordering path is probably encroaching)

If encroachment is less than a foot, common path is not unduly narrowed, and a permanent border (wood, brick, etc.) exists, then gardener should check with zone coordinator whether necessary to adjust before changing these permanent borders.

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