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Service Hours Guide
Updated 11/16/16

Service Hours Requirements

Each gardener is expected to contribute complete services hours. Please see the SCG Site Rules for a complete description of the current Service Hours requirements.

Service Hours must be worked and recorded by gardeners by the defined semi-annual close of each of two service semesters. YOU WILL BE BILLED FOR UNWORKED HOURS. The following excerpt from comes from the current SCG Site Rules:


  1. Full plots: 8 hours per six month season. Half plots: 4 hours per six month season. Quarter plots: 4 hours per six month season. Unworked service hours are billed at $30 per hour for first two hours, $10 per hour for subsequent hours.
  2. For each plot, regardless of size, one additional hour each season is due in service to the member-ship between Sunshine Community Garden and TSBVI. A $50.00 fee will be assessed for this hour of unworked service.
  3. While the garden seasons run from Feb. 1 to July 31 and Aug. 1 to Jan. 31, service hour periods run from Jan. 1 through June 30 and July 1 through Dec. 31. This is to simplify billing.

There are two deadlines for completing service hours June 30 and Dec. 31. The cutoff for service hours is one month before gardening plot fees are due. That is, service hours run one month ahead of the actual semester end. This is done in order to send out bills.

If you have any questions about service hours, please contact your zone coordinator.

How to Check Your Service Hours

Sunshine Gardeners can easily check how many service hours they performed/recorded.

Typical Tasks

  • Maintaining pathways and common areas so that they are clean, beautiful, safe, and easy to navigate for SGC members and for the general public, including those visitors who are differently enabled.
  • Organizing and cleaning the Tool Shed interior
  • Weed and trim exterior area of Tool Shed
  • Cleaning the SCG Trailer interior, decks, ramps and surrounding gardens
  • Mow, weed and tidy the lawn and pathways leading to and behind the SCG Trailer
  • Weed the "porches" of the Hoop House and Garden Port
  • Work the Compost Area (can also count toward TSVBI Hour, see details below)
  • Mow and weed all areas, interior and exterior, near fence line. (NOTE: Can count toward TSVBI Hour, see details below)
  • Working Spring or Fall Plant Sale as assigned by PS coordinators. (NOTE: Only Fall PS can count as TBVSI Hour.)

Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI)

Each gardener is expected to contribute one hour per six months to TSBVI upkeep.

The following tasks can count towards your TSBVI hour.

  1. Weeding granite paths of the TSBVI School Garden. NOTE: Beds should not be weeded or watered unless specifically requsted by TSBVI Garden coordinator. Watering this garden DOES NOT COUNT.
  2. The fence needs to be cleared of most vegetation, the exception being two vines 1) vine (Carolina snailseed vine) that produces red berries which the birds eat and 2) native clematis vine (primarily in compost area). Remove Johnson grass, hackberry tree shoots and re-growth from stumps plus all other weeds.
  3. Both sides of the fence that surrounds Sunshine need to be mowed all the way to the streets (49th and Sunshine).
  4. Trash needs to be picked up on both sides of the fence, including rocks to protect mowing-people and their machines.
  5. Trash in the compost area needs to be cleared. There are lots of pieces of plastic out there.
  6. Both bus stops need to be kept clean and litter free. Report any graffiti you may discover to Janet Adams (
  7. Weeding granite paths of the Acessible/Raised Beds Garden on west side of parking lot
  8. When TBVSI conducts a fund-raiser (like the Fall Plant Sale) you may volunteer for tasks related to their fund-raiser. (The SCG fund-raiser and tasks, like the Spring Plant Sale, can be counted as regular service hours but not as TBVSI Hours.)

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