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Join Sunshine Community Gardens

Interested in Joining Sunshine?

Sunshine Community Gardens is a very popular community garden in Austin, and we welcome new gardeners as space permits.T If you would like to become a member of Sunshine Community Gardens, don't wait, get your name on the list today by contacting: Kay McMurry,


  1. We offer three sizes of plots, full, half, and quarter. A full plot measures 20' x 20' and costs $90 a year or $50 for six months. A half plot measures 10' x 20' and costs $45 a year or $27.50 for six months. A quarter plot measures 10' x 10' and costs $40 a year or $20 for six months. Our seasons run February-July and August-January. Fees are prorated if you join partway through a season.
  2. There are two one-time fees, a clean-up fee and a tool-use fee. The clean-up fee is $30 for a full plot, $20 for a half plot, and $15 for a quarter plot. The tool-use fee is $20.
  3. Members are required to work service hours as part of their agreement. Full plots carry a commitment of eight hours per six-month season. Half and quarter plots carry a commitment of four hours per six month season. All plots carry a commitment of one TSBVI hour per season. Regular service hours are prorated for the first season.
  4. New gardeners must renew seasonally for the first year. After that, they may sign up for a full year.


If you are a member and need to withdraw from Sunshine Gardens, please complete and print the Sunshine Community Gardens Withdrawal Form and mail to:

Treasurer, Sunshine Gardens
P. O. Box 302349
Austin, TX 78703-0040

Community Gardens in Austin

For information about other community gardens in Austin go to:
Coalition of Austin Community Gardens -

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