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23 November 2017

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A Tool Shed Upgrade

A big thank you to Bob Easter who redid the interior of the tool shed. It looks wonderful and is user friendly. There are new signs to indicate exactly where tools should be returned.

Please remember to clean off the tools before returning them to their designated space. Look for a few additional improvements in the shed -- again, thanks to Bob -- in the coming weeks.

Upcoming Events

Successful taping with Decibel

Check out Sunshine as filmed by Decibel: The topic was food insecurity, and you will see a few familiar faces!

What are These "Weeds" in My Plot?

Larkspur seedling

Poppy seedling

Actually whether or not these seedlings are weeds depends on you.

The cluster of seedlings on the right are poppies that bloom from March to April, and the single seedling is Larkspur that blooms about the same time. They reseed themselves with great gusto. Larkspur can be transplanted but poppies are difficult to transplant.

Speaking of Seedlings....

Starting passalongs for the Spring Plant Sale would be greatly appreciated! The weather is good and the plants will be well established by the sale. Parts of the large compost pile are well decomposed and can be used as medium and pots are in the Garden Port.

Fire Ant Control

Thank you to Gail Reese who is taking care of the fire ant bait supply and has made it easy to prepare the treatment to try to keep them under control.

Weeder Content

Should you have any content to add to the Weeder, email your article or suggestion to Kristin Phillips. On normal weeks content should be received by end of day Wednesday.

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