February 17, 9 am to 12 noon

February 24, 9 am to 12 noon

SCG All-Hands Meeting

March 2, Friday, 4:45


Board Meetings

Second Wednesday of every month.

Board Meeting February 9, 2016

Members Present: Jeff Monks, Jim Willmann, Kay McMurry, Caroline Limaye, Shannon Posern, Michael Hall

Plant Sale - Everything ordered and deliveries have been set up.

  • 5500 herbs, few more to plant.
  • Whittlesey gave us a deal and discount compost, $900 for all the compost.
  • Vendors are being contacted to signup for a space.
  • There will be a table at triangle farmers market the Wednesday before the sale to advertise.
    • advertise.
  • Promotion -
    • Banner across Lamar.
    • Bob Easter is working with the local neighborhood associations.
  • Volunteers - Call for volunteers will be in the weeder this week.
  • Michael created a check list binder for future plant sales in the office.


  • We are in overall great shape.
  • 40 people have not paid their plot fee and/or unworked hours fee. Carol will send an email reminder. After a week, it will be handed over to the zone coordinators.
  • Rebate - When a member resigns from the garden, they must fill out the withdraw form to receive a rebate.
    • Need to upload an updated withdraw form and contract to the website
  • Make up work day was a success. We will have another make-up day in the future.
  • Waivers -
    • Board will look at the creating guidelines for waivers.
      • To receive a waiver, the gardner's application must receive a higher than majority of board approval to pass, 2/3.
      • Fee waiver - Gardeners must be in good standing, have been at the garden for at least a season, and worked assigned hours. The gardener should, if able, agree to work extra service hours in exchange for a waiver.

Plot Coordinator

  • New quarter plots in zone 10 were created by splitting an oversized full plot.
  • Currently have 31 people on the waiting list.
  • 1 quarter and 1 half plot available.
  • To preserve fairness with fees, we will waive administration fees on quarter plots to make the fees more proportional.
  • Start charging at the first full month for plot fees.

Education Committee

  • Fermentation Class - February 13
  • Literature in the Garden - February 20

Other Issues:

  • Missing base board in the trailer - Need to plug holes to prevent rodents.
  • Missing produce - We need to get signs to inform visitors not to pick.
  • Randy found beer bottles and cigarettes in the trash. Alcohol and smoking is prohibited in the garden. We will look at adding a sign that informs visitors of this policy.
  • Little library - The board will accept the little library that was offered the garden by Austin Public Library. We will make arrangements to pick up and display.
  • We will be adding a common herb garden and butterfly garden in front of the trailer.

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